Our hospitality team provides 5 star catering services and monitors all external practices to ensure food safety and standards.

Our team of professionals and 5 star chefs provide the best services to cater to the needs of our employees, guests and clients. The Hospitality Department is in charge of supplying catering services to staff and internal functions as well as monitoring and supporting Aspire Logistics’ related sports events and external parties to ensure food safety and standards. Our hospitality team provides 5 star catering services as well as monitors all external practices to ensure food safety and standards.

Internal and external events:

Our hospitality team provides a wide range of services which vary based on the nature and requirements of each event. For internal event, which covers all events organized by Aspire Logistics, The hospitality team is in charge of handling all hospitality related matters and providing 5 star catering services for all internal events. For external events, managed by Aspire Logistics and hosted in its venues, the hospitality team supports and monitors the handling and quality of all catering services brought by external parties to ensure food safety and standards. Our team of chefs and professionals monitor food to the smallest details to make sure that everything that is served during the external events is safe and meets the high standards set by the zone. All external catering services are requested to comply with the safety guidelines and to carry the necessary certification. Our skilled team has a system in place that monitors the smallest details, starting from the way food is transported to ensure the use of proper transportation means, such as clean and refrigerated trucks, all the way to monitoring the conditions in which the food is served.

Operational Control Process for External Caterers:

External caterers must comply with Aspire Logistics Guidelines and standards which are fully highlighted in the operational control procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to outline the guidelines for caterers about the documentation required for operating in Aspire Zone during an event, and to highlight the minimum food safety requirements that should be practiced during an event in the zone.

The procedure explains the following: general instructions to caterers, Aspire Logistics Temporary Catering Services Permit application procedure, guidelines for the caterers and Aspire Logistic’s hospitality inspections and follow up. The main focus of this procedure is to promote and ensure food safety; caterers who jeopardize the public with possible food risk will be terminated and may lose their chance to host another event in Aspire Zone.

For the fully detailed guideline, please check the below Operational Control Procedure document. Also find below the Temporary Catering Services Application form which must be filled and submitted to obtain the permit. Please note that approval to operate a temporary catering service is based on information provided and its approval by the respective Aspire Logistics Hospitality department.

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  • Hospitality in numbers

  • 140,807 Pax for a total of 406 events in 2015
  • 1,100 to 1,500 meals served daily
  • Operate 32 pantries throughout the zone
  • Conducts ongoing inspection visits to 26 food outlets within AZF premises