Human Resources

Our People are our most valuable asset, and we are devoted to fostering their success through our forward thinking, strategic planning, effective policies and employee-oriented goals and guidelines.


Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the implementation of the administration strategy in line with the corporate, strategic and business objectives. Our skilled experts are responsible for supporting major tasks including immigration services, document control and travel services.


The Finance Department is in charge of preparing the yearly financial budget and providing financial management services to Aspire Logistics departments as well as fulfilling AL’s financial goals and objectives.  


Our team of professionals and 5 star chefs provide the best services to cater to the needs of our employees, guests and clients. The Department is in charge of supplying catering services to staff and internal functions as well as monitoring and supporting events and external parties to ensure food safety and standards.


The safety of our employees, guests, and clients is our concern, and we have a dedicated security department that works around the clock to support you and assure your safety within AZF.

Health & Safety Environment

Our certified department works with you every step of the way to ensure smooth and risk-free execution of projects, plans and events. We strive to maintain a healthy and safe work environment through our open communication channels, clear and precise standards and guidelines and supporting documents.

Supply Chain Director

The Supply Chain Director includes purchasing and contract services and is responsible for the administration of the procurement procedures in the acquisition and management of contracts as laid down in the AZF Tenders and Bids Regulations as well as with Qatar’s Law No. 26 of 2005 – Tenders and Auctions Regulations.

Sport Turf & Landscape

With almost 50% of AZF made up of green grass, we have a team of talented professionals designing, managing, and maintaining a wide range of landscapes including public areas, gardens, and sports fields. Our experts apply their knowledge to enhance the quality, appeal and functional use of our breath-taking landscapes.

Venues and Public Domain

We manage some of the world’s finest sports stadia and venues that accommodate the highest sporting demands as well as the demands of other industries. We also offer the public with a range of world class facilities and services that include pitches and courts as well as park areas and leisure services.


Aspire Logistics’ events department had a tremendous year, organizing numerous successful events. Our dedicated team looks after the overall planning; including finalizing all set up details and requirements, financial arrangements and other operational matters during the bump in, during event and bump out process. Our team has worked closely and successfully with some of the most significant events staged in Qatar.


In the spirit of supporting and encouraging the Growth of AL, our skilled marketing and communications team developed a 5-year strategy aimed at realizing our corporate strategy and vision and mission. Our strategy outlines communication, branding, commercial and online strategies and tactics and research programs as well as measuring customer satisfaction for events.

General Services

Our all-inclusive services extend to cover pre, during and post-event services including Transportation, Cleaning, Logistics and Office Management services for all our stakeholders and entities.