Sport Turf & Landscape

What we do

With almost 50% of AZF made up of green grass, we have a team of talented professionals designing, managing, and maintaining a wide range of landscapes including public areas, gardens, and sports fields. Our experts apply their knowledge to enhance the quality, appeal and functional use of our breath-taking landscapes.

The Sport Turf and Landscaping Department is instrumental in the development of AZF’s soft landscape and now manages the design, maintenance, and upgrade natural turf football pitches, artificial football pitches, as well as turfs and garden beds.

The overall scope of the Landscaping and Sorts Turf

Department includes:

• Design, Research, Program Development, Techniques and Procedures which lead into the Maintenance and Growth and Development of external Landscaped area, indoor plans and Sport Turfs

• Plan, Design and Install of new Landscape and Sports Turf projects

• Management of Landscaping and Sports Turf contractors

Our team of skilled professionals masters the art of landscaping and sports turf management and is always working towards providing the highest international standards. Landscaping can help reduce soil erosion and help in areas like dust, prevention, noise abatement, glare reduction and air pollution. These benefits contribute greatly to the overall effect to all Aspire Logistics facilities. Sports Turf is the management of all natural and artificial grass sport surfaces. The surfaces are built and maintained to international standards with special skill sets required to care for different surface types (soil profile, type of drainage, artificial infused etc...).

In addition, the team aims to fulfill its goals and objectives which include installing living green walls with Aspire entities buildings, increasing the performance of current and future football pitches both natural and artificial increasing Aspire Park green shade, and expanding the overall number of trees within the park to over 75 species and 1,000 trees.

Major Projects include building or restoring football pitches, building turf nurseries to supply high grade turf species for the site, importing large specimen trees as well as relocating and salvaging trees from within Doha, in addition to completing FIFA re turf exercise for the Supreme Committee and Legacy.

Number of Trees Planted & Size of Grass Growing

Aspire Park -

- Landscape turf areas (516,691m2)

- Garden beds ( 1,500m2)

- 2 Natural turf football fields 14,508 m2

- Artificial Landscape Grass 2,876 m2

- Trees (887)

- Palms (49)

Aspire Zone

- 12 Natural turf football fields

- 1 Artificial football field (FIFA 2 star standard)

- All associated soft landscapes (garden beds total 71,854m2)

- Palms (454)

- Trees (1,724)

- Outdoor plants in pots (554)

- Artificial Landscape Grass (45,5800m2)

- Indoor Plants (1,873)