Supply Chain Director

What we do

The Supply Chain Director includes purchasing and contract services and is responsible for the administration of the procurement procedures in the acquisition and management of contracts as laid down in the AZF Tenders and Bids Regulations as well as with Qatar’s Law No. 26 of 2005 – Tenders and Auctions Regulations.

The acquisitions/contracts include, but not limited to the following;


Supplies, equipment, commodities, machineries, goods and other requirements for purchase.

Business Contracting:

Construction works, engineering contracts, projects, installations, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, repairs and the likes.


Advisory and technical service, means of transport rental, insurance, cleaning, guarding and the like.

Equipped with the necessary skills and administrative structures, the Contracts Directorate delivers an efficient and effective service to all its stakeholders all throughout the contracts’ lifecycle –from inception through award, compliance monitoring and closeout/renewal of contracts– ensuring that processes are carried out on the principles of transparency and equal treatment for the benefit of AZF.

 Contract Services Department

  • Tender Management (from inception to award of contracts and contract renewals).

  • Management of Service Contracts (post-award stage to contract close-out)

 Purchasing Department

  • Vendor Management (Reliable Vendor Identification and Registration System, Reliable Vendor Classification System, Reliable Performance and Quality Evaluation System, Enable and Facilitate AZF wide Procurement).

  • Management of Non-Service Contracts (post-award stage to contract close-out).