What we do

Our team of professionals and 5 star chefs provide the best services to cater to the needs of our employees, guests and clients. The Department is in charge of supplying catering services to staff and internal functions as well as monitoring and supporting events and external parties to ensure food safety and standards.

Food services and outlets:

The Hospitality department caters, manages, and monitors all food and beverages within Aspire Zone. On an internal level, the hospitality department is in charge of providing services to Aspire Logistics staff, which includes pantries and coffee stations, as well as meetings and internal functions. Our hospitality team consists of 5 star chefs and hospitality professionals, in addition to tea boys who handle 32 pantries throughout the zone. In addition, the department operates restaurants within AZF which include restaurants in Aspetar: Mosaico Restaurant, AQUA Lounge, as well as in patient dinning. Other restaurants include Aspire Academy students’ cafeteria and Aspire Dome Café.

The department also constitutes of the AZF joint Food Safety and Hygiene Committee which conducts ongoing inspection visits to all food outlets around the zone. The committee members are certified auditors who cover the 26 food outlets within AZF premises to ensure that they comply with the safety and hygiene standards and guidelines.

Events and Operational Control Process:

The department is in charge of providing catering services to Aspire Logistics’ related sports events. In addition, the department supports and monitors the handling and quality of all catering services brought by external parties to ensure food safety and standards. Our team of chefs and professionals monitor food to the smallest details to make sure that everything that is served during the external events is safe and meets the high standards set by AZF. External caterers must comply with Aspire Logistics Guidelines and standards which are fully highlighted in the operational control procedure. The purpose of the procedure is to outline the guidelines for caterers about the documentation required for operating in Aspire Zone during an event, and to highlight the minimum food safety requirements that should be practiced.

For full details on the process and application forms please visit our events services page.