General Services

What we do

Our all-inclusive services extend to cover pre, during and post-event services including Transportation, Cleaning, Logistics and Office Management services for all our stakeholders and entities.

Transportation Services:

The transportation department dedicates its drivers and vehicles to fulfill a wide range of requests including departmental request, event requests and shuttle services, airport transportation as well as fleet maintenance. Our Objectives Include: -

- to Manage transport and fleet services

- to Maintain the quality of transport services provided to all AZF stakeholders

- to Ensure continuous improvement

Cleaning and Waste Management:

We believe that cleaning is a science, and our high standards and eco-friendly services have been widely recognized and our division is the lone British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) accredited client in the region.

Since 2006 the roles and responsibilities of the Cleaning and Pest Control Division are extended to efficiently provide first-rate services through a set of established services managed by highly qualified and skilled team. The team leads the key role to facilitate the foundation’s operations in order to successfully achieve the marked objectives through effective utilization of appropriate methodologies, technologies and solutions to ensure successful deliverables.

Cleaning services and activities include: -

- Day to day cleaning services

- Commercial cleaning services

- Housekeeping services

- Medical care cleaning services

- Outdoor cleaning and high rise cleaning services

- Waste management

- Event support cleaning services

Waste Management Program: -

- Waste segregation was initiated in 2011

- All paper waste from all aspire zone venues and facilities is collected and recycled, which produces a total average of 600,000 kg of recycled paper per year.

- Recycling program undergoing expansion process to include other types of waste

- Provide environmentally responsible services through the use of eco-friendly supplies and equipment

- Converted more than 50% of labor to automated services which helps in the reduction of man hours and water consumption.

- Aspire Park Lake serves as water reservoir to supply irrigation water to Aspire Park landscape, pitches and trees with approximately 60,000 m3 storage capacities and another 18,581.627 m3 water storage tanks scatter around Aspire Zone facilities used for a wide range of purposes within all Aspire Zone venues.

- Operate the only underground waste compaction system in Qatar that accommodates total of daily 9-10 tons of Domestic Waste

- Managing Total of 100 Healthcare Housekeepers (at Aspetar)

- Manage an average of 1,000 event support cleaners for events at Aspire Zone on monthly basis

- Manage a total of not 255 tons of Domestic Waste on Monthly Basis

- Managing Total of not less than 1,550 Kg of Medical/Hazardous Waste on Monthly Basis

- As an educational entity, waste management awareness program is being developed to raise public awareness on the importance of recycling and environmentally responsible practices.

Event Services:

Our team offers unique and tailored services and set up that accommodates the needs and requirements of the demanding events industry. Clients are able to book the service through the VEMS booking system and our team provides the necessary services and supplies accordingly.

For more details please visit our event services page.

Logistics Services

The division works hand in hand with other AZF SBUs’ departments to ensure smooth operations with a view to provide necessary information in keeping with the end users and services providers’ requirements

Logistics Services include:

• Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Asset;

• Centralized Warehouse Management System via a Professional Warehousing Solutions to AZF and External Entities;

• Provision of Skilled Manpower Support to AZF SBUs to support their day-to-day operations;

Supply of various type of heavy and light equipment to support other departments;

Event Services:

Complete Logistics Support for all events through professional Provision and Management of wide range and round the clock services in delivering successful events.

For more details please visit our event services page

Office Management:

The division works hand in hand with other AZF SBUs’ departments to assist them in achieving their goals of providing world class services under their specialities.

Office Management Services and Activities:

1. Match AZF/AL vision of providing high quality services through creation of comfortable and safe working environment.

2. Create and Manage spaces within Aspire Zone to ensure availability of appropriate work areas to AZF SBUs based on their working needs followed by frequent improvement plans (i.e. change of interior designs of office spaces, classrooms, recreation areas etc.).

3. Identify assets life cycles and depreciation period/s.

4. Conduct frequent inspection/s to ensure that the supplied assets are in good condition and provide necessary maintenance whenever necessary.

5. Work hand in hand with Engineering/Capital Projects and FM Departments during planning and designing, selection of new building/s, construction and/or renovation projects with a view to provide necessary information as per end users’ requirement.

Major Achievements:

  • Successful establishment of a centralized Warehousing and Logistics concept with a unified management process
  • Successful Completion of more than 25 major Office Management projects with complete satisfaction of end users