What we do

In the spirit of supporting and encouraging the Growth of AL, our skilled marketing and communications team developed a 5-year strategy aimed at realizing our corporate strategy and vision and mission. Our strategy outlines communication, branding, commercial and online strategies and tactics and research programs as well as measuring customer satisfaction for events.

The efforts exerted by the Marketing Section directly helped to dramatically elevate the results of the events and camps held at Aspire from year to year.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Define strategic marketing plans

The forward thinking team defines long term and cost-effective strategies which outline the objectives to be achieved in the following months; the actions that are to be undertaken; the competition; and the target markets. Furthermore, these strategic plans are aligned both with the strategic plan of the company and with other departments’ plans.

Market Research

Market research is a key responsibility for the marketing department. Research helps the team identify market opportunities and gain a better understanding of what the market needs. The department carries out its research through a wide range of methods such as studying industry reports, market data on websites, surveys and studies of emerging client/customer needs and attitudes.


The marketing team works on innovative and creative promotions, programs, activities to best deliver their messages.


The marketing department is responsible for supporting by providing event material, such as displays, presentations or handouts. The creative marketing and communications team also promotes internal and external events to ensure successful turnout.


AL’s Marketing department plans campaigns and develops communications material to promote venues, events and services to customers and prospects. They may plan advertising campaigns, develop e-mail marketing programs, create promotional content for the website, write press releases and publications, such as leaflets, brochures and newsletters. The skilled team also develops and designs the promotional materials within the organization and for events and services.