Venues and Public Domain

What we do

We manage some of the world’s finest sports stadia and venues that accommodate the highest sporting demands as well as the demands of other industries. We also offer the public with a range of world class facilities and services that include pitches and courts as well as park areas and leisure services.

Our state of the art venues feature the world’s largest indoor multi-purpose dome (Aspire Dome), the ultra-modern water sports complex (Hamad Aquatic Center), and the Khalifa International Stadium which is set to host the 2022 World Cup as well as the 2019 IAAF World Championships. Therefore, we have the best team of professionals who have the necessary experience and set of skills to manage these extraordinary venues. Our core business objective is to build, maintain and operate world class facilities and to develop an event management system that is compatible to these venues.

Venue Management Services:

In case of an event, no matter how big, our venue management team is responsible for coordinating with all responsible parties such as Facility Management, Media Electronics, IT, Security and cleaning and waste management services. We support and collaborate with all parties to fulfill the needs of each event.

Public Domain operations & activities: 

In addition to the major private venues that cater to the professional sports industry demands and the requests of other industries, our team manages all public areas and facilities within Aspire Zone Foundation, which cater to the wider public who have made our facilities their ultimate destination for exercise and leisure activities.