The Campus

Our Campus

A perfect combination of unparalleled facilities, logistic services, Luxury accommodations and leading medical and research facility make us a leading destination for elite training camps and professional athletes. We have it all under one roof so that your valuable time and energy is focused on the one and only goal; achieving success.

World Class Venues and Facilities

Aspire Zone is a one stop shop when it comes to Elite Training Camps. Here you will find the highest quality training fields, multi-purpose halls for a variety of sports, swimming pools, gyms as well as indoor and outdoor tracks. Our facilities also include outdoor football pitches and warm up track fields which cater to all your training needs and requirements. The size and multi-functionality of our venues give us a lot of flexibility to successfully host multiple training camps at one time.
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Onsite 5 Star Accommodations

Aspire Zone offers two on-site hotels designed with athletes in mind; the Torch Doha and Mövenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah Doha and spa. Both hotels are designed to accommodate sport teams and training camps, and are located within walking distance from all venues and facilities. This unique feature saves athletes from wasting valuable time and energy otherwise lost in transport from and to the training fields.
The Torch Doha
Mövenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah Doha

The world's Leading Sports Medicine Facility

A key benefit of training at Aspire is the presence of Aspetar, the world’s leading specialized orhopaedic and sports medicine hospital. It provides top level medical treatment and services to all athletes and sports players in a state-of-the-art facility. Athletes benefit from the altitude program available at Aspetar; the concept of “Sleep high, train low” facilitated with accompanying sport science monitoring and support. The hospital features centers of excellence for sports medicine, sports science, orhopaedic and rehabilitation.

Logistic and Additional Services

Our dedicated Elite Training Camp department is ready to assist you with all of your requirements. We offer teams with a wide range of logistic and personal services to make planning and running their training camp as effective as possible. Our logistic services include Visa application assistance, transportation and camp set up services.
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